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Adventures in Germany – Days 43 bis 46 (Visiting friends and cow eating wasps 🐮 🐝!)

Hello everyone, these past few days have been good here in Klotten. The days have been pretty calm and gratefully we didn’t get the 100+ degree heat that was forecasted.

Tuesday was pretty cool because I had the opportunity to connect with a family here in Germany that is from Brazil 🇧🇷!!! I had the opportunity to video chat with them and the missionaries that are serving in this area and it was a blast! It made my day to be able to talk about the Savior in Portuguese again!

Our video call!

I’m actually going to get to visit them tomorrow, so I am excited about that! Then on Wednesday I made a mad dash to the grocery store and was able to go and get back to the train station in time to catch the next train back. It probably looked funny for the bystanders to see a person running with two grocery totes, but everything worked out well. I was even blessed at the bus station because I didn’t realize that there was another platform in the back, but two ladies nearby commented that the bus they were getting on was actually on platform 4 and that inspired me to recheck my ticket and realize just in the nick of time that I needed to get on that bus as well. I made it back to my apartment safely and that was a miracle!

An improved version of the McRib that they sell at the bakery in Klotten!

Today I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with my friends Arvin and Eddie! We had a mini adventure in Koblenz and just visited some of the shops and ate some food together. When I arrived in Koblenz, Arvin met me at the train station and he treated me to a sandwich from the nearby bakery while we waited for Eddie to arrive. While we were there, Arvin was showing me the many food options and he noted that there was a vegetarian option also. After closer inspection we saw that the name card said mit Schinken, to which Arvin commented, that is pretty much vegetarian 🤣. That became our running 🏃 joke for the day, but what wasn’t a joke was the wasp that wanted to eat Arvin‘s hamburger 🍔😱! While we were eating, the wasp started to fly around us, and after being foiled from getting a piece of my sandwich by my mad ninja 🥷 skills, he settled on top of Arvin‘s hamburger 🍔. I watched in disbelief as the wasp cut out a chunk of the patty with its mandibles and flew off with its piece of meat! Arvin had the great idea of ripping off the piece where the wasp had landed and setting it to the side in case it came back, which it did!

Heading out after Eddie arrived
Trying to take a selfie as the light turns green to cross!

After that episode, Eddie arrived and we got to see some of the city and enjoy some good food together.

A cool Noah’s Ark fountain ⛲️!
Fountain Selfie!
There was a candy stand at the mall and they were selling Lucky Charms and Reese’s Puffs!
Enjoying some Burger King! 🍔 👑

While we were eating we were talking about fast food chains and Eddie mentioned that in his experience coming to the United States, Wendy’s was the best fast food chain! (Shout out to Jannon😆!) Overall it was a great day and I enjoyed spending time with them!

A cool skateboard 🛹 bench someone made!

In my scripture study recently, I have been reading the words of Isaiah that Nephi included in his record, and I love how the Lord invites us to put our trust in Him. He also testifies that everyone who will turn to Him and strive to keep His commandments will be blessed and will be his people! We can all come unto Christ and feel the love He has for us!

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