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Second Sunday at the F(LISR)

This Sunday was a great one because I was able to connect with many great friends. Our ward volunteers to help at a Food and Care Coalition every first Sunday of the month, and I had the opportunity to participate for the very first time. It was especially nice because my friend Angelica came as […]

Adventures as a Junior – Days 2-7 (Familiar Faces)

The first few days back at BYU were a bit hectic for me. I made a plan for how I would balance work and school, but I quickly learned that I would need to make some adjustments. Originally, I thought I would be working with research as well as taking my classes, but although research […]

First Sunday at the (F)LISR

The day began with my friend Jefferson picking me up from the airport and being greeted by old friends once I arrived. Jarom was getting the apartment straightened up and he kindly helped me to make my bed enough to sleep for a few hours so I could have energy for church! I awoke a […]

Blessings in Texas

I arrived early Saturday morning in Texas from New York and after a good night’s sleep, I hoped to make the most of the hours I had left in Texas. I had the desire to visit as many family members as I could before I had to head to Utah, but I was not sure […]


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Hi, I’m Brandon. I’m currently a Mechanical Engineering student at Brigham Young University, and I am learning German. I enjoy making birthday cards, playing the clarinet, and spending time with my family. I started this blog as a motivation to make time in my day to connect with Heaven and share the insights I learn. I hope these drops of inspiration can help my friends and family to keep their faith in Jesus Christ burning bright and brighten their day!

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