Drops of oil

Become a little better one drop at a time…

Exploring Covenants and Ordinances: The Sacrament-Part 2

The Sacrament has a close connection to the Atonement or Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Similar to the Atonement, the Sacrament can have a greater effect on us to help us change as we exercise more faith in Jesus Christ. Part of the Law of Moses included sacrificing animals in order to be forgiven of sins or wrong actions, however, the sacrifices only had the power to cleanse people because Jesus Christ had promised that He would come to earth and give His own life as a sacrifice for all of us. Our Savior invites us to change a little each day through His Sacrifice and learn to love as He loves. Partaking of the Sacrament gives us the opportunity each week to renew our determination and commitment to follow the Savior. I am comforted when I see my friends and family doing their best to become a little better than they were before, and it is a blessing that we have the opportunity to help one another in this process.



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