Drops of oil

Become a little better one drop at a time…

Celebrating Graduations

Today has been a special day in my hometown! Some of my cousins and friends graduated today and I got to see some old classmates and teachers! I also had the opportunity to spend the day with my mom as I am preparing for my journey to Germany in a few days. During our drive we read the scriptures together and thought about the amazing things the Lord has done for us. He created this earth that we live in and filled it with animals like dogs, cats, and horses to name a few, that can bring us comfort and joy when we feel alone or tired. The Lord thought of everything and prepared ways for us to be comforted in our lives and opportunities to experience joy. We each have the capacity to serve and be served, and each of us is unique and important in the sight of our Heavenly Father. It is wonderful that we have a Savior that we can turn to for strength and forgiveness! We can change and become a little better each day! I am also grateful for the recent counsel from the Lord’s Prophet President Nelson and his wife Wendy Nelson to ask ourselves, “What would a holy [son or daughter of God] do?” Today I thought about all the good that has happened in the world since that invitation was made because of the efforts of everyone asking themselves that question. I have felt closer to my Savior as I have asked myself this question and acted on the answers I have received. President Nelson is called of God and if we follow his counsels we will be blessed!

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