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Second Sunday on the Mosel

I’ve gotten a little behind on my posts, but these past few days have been very special! Last Sunday was no exception! I had the pleasure of assisting in the cooking a classic German meal, Rouladen, accompanied by these delicious potato dumplings (the name of which escapes me at the moment), and Rotkohl, which I think was cooked Red Cabbage, and which was also delicious. Rouladen is pretty straightforward to make, but it was a lot easier with an expert chef like Heide giving directions. Basically you have a slice of beef that is pounded thin, almost like when you are preparing a chicken fried steak, and you season it with pepper and salt, and then you add mustard, onions, and pickles and bacon along the middle of your pounded slice of beef. Then like the name hints, you Rouladen (roll) the meat up and tie it like a little package to then roast it along with some carrots and broth. It is super yummy! The most fun part, however, was the experience of cooking with Heide and Sister Geary, and then being able to eat with everyone. Heide loves to cook and she cooks amazingly! That dinner with the Gearys and the Johanns brought back some great missionary memories! After dinner, I got to go on a nice walk with Sister Geary to end the Sunday evening!

Heide had the prep work done!
Heide while she was roasting the Rouladen
The finished product!
Perfect wood stacks 😁πŸͺ΅!
Someone is growing cherries πŸ’ here!
I found a cat 🐈! Shoutout to Kimberly! It’s hiding in the shade.
Overlooking Klotten!

Recently I have read some of the words of Isaiah that Jacob shared with the people of Nephi in the Book of Mormon! I appreciate the truths Isaiah testified of about the Savior and how He has not abandoned us and is instead pleading our case before our Heavenly Father because He understands our weaknesses and shortcomings. If we humble ourselves before our Heavenly Father, we can become whole through Jesus Christ. Our sins, though they be like crimson or scarlet, can be as white as wool and snow!

The old ruined castle πŸ°β€¦ apparently there used to be the knights of Klotten!

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