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Adventures in Germany – Days 37 bis 41 (Calm Days)

Hello everyone, sorry I have been gone for a few days, but now I am back to report on the blessings I have seen these past few days. During these days of my adventure, after having gotten lost the day before, things were pretty calm during the week. I had some great conversations with family and was glad to know they were doing well and I felt grateful my family was being kept safe on the other side of the world. During the first part of the week we got some rain in Germany and received the visit of some flying ants which was cool to see.

Basic Ant 🐜
Second Evolution Winged Ant 🐜 🦋
Ant Graveyard 🐜 🪦 🕸
If the spiders don’t get them, the bakery in town has this bad boy as their first line of defense! It almost looks like it is kryptonite powered.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity of going to church and practicing with the choir and we had a great time together. We sang Love is Spoken Here which is a children’s song. Then on the way back from church I ran into the Elders on the bus!

I also found these cute donuts on the way to choir practice!

I also had the opportunity to have some comforts from home by making some pinto beans to eat. Pinto beans are pretty hard to find here, I actually had to order some online in order to get some. It was totally worth it though, and I even got to share some of them with Heide on Saturday, and she enjoyed them!


Saturday was an exciting day because in the evening I was able to visit Heide and help her in her garden a little.

These reminded me of jester’s hats!
A storm in the distance!
Some pictures from the garden!

Then she shared some chicken and potatoes with me accompanied with a delicious salad topped off with a complex dressing that Heide makes.

Mmmm 😋
Heide also shared some little cakes with me.
Leaving Heide’s house!

The rest of Saturday night I got to talk to some family and it was great. My adventure however didn’t end there, it continued into Sunday morning.

In my scripture study recently I have been reminded of the trust we can have in the Lord. I have read a little in the books of Kings in the (First/ Old) Testament and I really appreciated the account of King Hezekiah. He was true to the Lord and the Lord fought battles for him and the people, which were the Lord’s people because they were striving to follow the Lord and had made covenants with the Lord. It was also cool to see how the Holy Ghost was able to have an influence for good over the kings of Persia at certain points and how those kings allowed the Jews to return to their homeland and rebuild the temple at that time. When we turn to the Lord, He will hear us and help us get back on track! As my mom says, the sooner we repent, the sooner we can be forgiven and serve the Lord again. This is possible because of our Savior Jesus Christ, He fought the battle against sin and death for us and won, and if we trust in Him, we can become clean and pure as He is clean and pure.

These are some of my favorite You-Tubers that also share insights about the scriptures. They are amazing!
This part of the video made me think about how can we build our Faith in Jesus Christ.
The full video has many more great insights!

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