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Adventures in Germany- Days 47 & 48 (A good change of plans)

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well today! On Friday I started my journey to visit my new friends from Brazil, but I hit some set backs due to some bus strikes that were going on and I couldn’t find the west bus station that my transportation app was directing me towards.

Bus Strike!

During my search, the family from Brazil sent a message letting me know that they needed to reschedule because something came up. I felt a little down that I wouldn’t be able to visit them, but it was also a blessing because I would have some extra time to get my work done at home. I also had the opportunity to talk to Gleybson, one of my friends from Brazil, once I got home, and we had a very good conversation together! Another blessing that I experienced on Friday was being reminded by the Holy Ghost that it was my cousin Andy’s and my cousin Kevin’s birthdays! I was getting ready to go to sleep and was writing in my journal and the idea came into my head to check to see if it was Andy’s birthday. I checked and it was, and I then had the pleasure of talking to him and catching up with him! I am grateful our Heavenly Father cares about what is important to us like my wanting to remember my cousins’ birthdays. When we turn to our Heavenly Father in prayer, He will give us hope and peace and help us remember the important things in our lives, even things like remembering someone’s birthday!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of working alongside Heide and meeting a kind family from Holland! I will talk more about this family in the future, but needless to say, it was a great day!

Here are some cool flowers I found growing through the cracks!

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