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Weekly Inspiration #3

Of Cookies and Compliments

By Brandon Page

These past weeks I have had some wonderful experiences that have given me strength on my journey towards Christ. A friend of mine gave me some encouragement recently as I struggled to feel competent at my work as a teacher’s assistant. I was feeling shaky in the engineering concepts I was covering during those weeks, and I wasn’t clocking in for the hours I was working because I didn’t feel confident in my understanding, and I felt I wasn’t fulfilling my role as a teacher’s assistant well enough to be paid for it. My friend gave me a hug and then told me that although I didn’t feel confident in my understanding, my time was valuable and that I should be paid for my work. His words of encouragement gave me the motivation I needed to make it through the week and with the Lord’s help I was able to understand the confusing concepts and help quite a few students increase their understanding. I have applied my friend’s words to other situations as well such as deciding to stay and study with others even when I feel like I don’t have anything to contribute. The time I give being there trying to learn alongside my friends is a valuable contribution. Our Heavenly Father knows and is grateful for our efforts to follow Him and serve those around us, and no matter how small our contribution may seem to us, it is valuable to the Lord and He can magnify our efforts to bless many people.

I had the opportunity to visit one of the first friends I made as a student at BYU recently and that was very fun! We worked on some linear algebra and watched a movie together. When I left for Texas after the COVID-19 pandemic started at the end of my first semester, my friend Sterling came over to see me off and gave me some cookies that he made. At the end of our most recent visit he gave me some cookies to take home as well. It was a nice reminder of how our friendship started and it made me reflect on all of the good friendships I have made at BYU.

I also had the chance to visit my cousin Andy and his girlfriend and that was also a blast.

I am grateful for the relationships that we can form here on Earth and that our Heavenly Father gives us the opportunity to grow and learn with the people around us, and hopefully as we strive to follow Him, we can all return safely to Him together!

Peace, be still

By Juliana Lemos

Recently my brothers and I were discussing the cycle of life, especially, the stages that led us here. From a wide perspective, life may seem pretty simple and made of static processes, but looking a little closer, it feels like we are exploring the biggest of oceans at the same time we are learning how to swim. Being not a very good swimmer myself, I know how important it is to stay calm and keep our heads above the water.

While I was studying the topic of revelation, I found a personal way of overcoming feelings of distress, fear, or inadequacy while floating around this big ocean; I turn to the Lord. The Lord promises to guide us through our deepest abysses and our calmest waters.

In the past few months, the waters of my life were troubled. Despite the wonderful blessings and miracles I was having, I felt I needed a lifeboat to rescue me even from the tiniest discomfort. The truth is these turbulences helped me to “learn how to swim” and were necessary for the next stages of my life.

When the lifeboats of life seem distant, I know I can trust the Lord and his power. May we listen to His words in the middle of the storm: “Peace, be still”.

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