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Covenants and Ordinances: A personal compass to direct us towards Christ

In the Old Testament, leading up to the coming of Christ, the Lord gave His people a collection of ordinances and covenants called the Law of Moses. The prophets in the Book of Mormon also kept these covenants and performed these ordinances. They testified about how these covenants and ordinances helped them remember the Savior and their responsibilities, how they strengthened their faith and gave them hope unto salvation, and how they even helped sanctify them. I have thought about why we are given the opportunity to go to church every Sunday and partake of the Sacrament (Eucharist or Communion), and I believe it is to help us stay oriented towards our Savior. Our Savior is the source of our hope unto Salvation. It is only through Him and His sacrifice that we can be made holy. As we renew our covenants by repenting each day and partaking of the Sacrament, we will find the strength to overcome our hardships and become prepared to live with our Heavenly Parents again.





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