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A Hand full of Thorns

Today I read more about the Savior’s sacrifice and I reflected on a miracle that happened last night. One of my friends had a bicycle accident where he fell into a thorn bush. He broke some of his fall with his hand, but that resulted in many long thorns piercing his hand. Some of those thorns became lodged within his skin. When he asked for my help, we prayed that Heavenly Father would give us the ability and understanding of how to get the thorns out because neither of us had much expertise with this procedure. My friend pulled out as many thorns as he could, but he felt like there were some he could not reach that were deep inside his hand. He then left and got ready for bed. I had the opportunity to see him again later that night, and miraculously he no longer felt pain in his hand, and it was as if all of the thorns had come out. The Savior Jesus Christ knows our pains and has felt our sicknesses and worries. As we turn to Him, he can teach us how to remove bad habits or anything else that may be harming us. What may seem beyond our reach or beyond our repair, He can reach and make whole. Our Savior loves us and is always ready to extend His hands of mercy towards us.


Photo by Hunter Harmon on Pexels.com

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