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Exploring Covenants and Ordinances: The Sacrament-Part 4

This morning I considered the symbolism of the Sacrament and how it can bring us closer to the Savior Jesus Christ. The first symbol of the Sacrament that stands out to me is the individual pieces of bread and cups of water. The Savior Jesus Christ invites us each individually to get to know Him better, and like the Nephites, we can gain a personal witness that He is our Savior. The second symbol is the reverence and white tablecloth that is used to cover the bread and water. It was shared with me once that the Sacrament was almost as if we were attending the Savior’s funeral. We have a moment to reflect on the impact He had and will continue to have on our life. Thinking of the Sacrament in this way is a bit somber, but it is also accompanied by the thought that after our Savior’s death and burial, He resurrected and made it possible for us to become clean and overcome death! The last symbol I want to share is the simplicity and consistency of the ordinance. Everyone who participates in the sacrament receives a piece of bread and a cup of water, and nothing depends on one’s social status, wealth, or anything else. Leaders make sure the prayers are said correctly when the Sacrament is blessed, and the same prayer is given each week. Our Heavenly Parents are willing to help all of us, and their help is not dependent on our societal status or position. Also, our Heavenly parents consistently give their help and bless our lives. They are the same yesterday, today, and forever, and will continue inviting us to come unto their Son Jesus Christ so we can be made holy through Him.




Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

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