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Tender Mercies

This past weekend was full of great blessings and mercies. In the scriptures, I appreciate the testimonies of Prophets like Nephi and Elijah who recognized the Lord’s hand in their lives. In Nephi’s case, he was protected from his brother’s plans to kill him and his father, and whenever there was a danger the Lord would warn him to leave. Elijah was protected from King Ahaz and the drought that was in the Land. The Lord sent him ravens to bring him bread and guided him to a widow’s house where he received food and blessed her family. My challenges may not be surviving a drought or evading people trying to kill me, but the Lord cares about my worries and challenges. I was poorly prepared for an exam I had to take on Saturday, nevertheless, the Lord had mercy upon me and helped me to pass the test. I was almost sure I would fail it because I had not prepared myself. During the test however and before it, I felt peace, and I know that it was the Lord comforting me. I also had a wonderful opportunity to go to a dance with my friends and that was also a tender mercy. The Lord and our Heavenly Parents love and care about us! They are interested in the details of our lives and are always ready to guide us and strengthen us. If we strive to stay close to Them like Elijah and Nephi did, the Holy Ghost will guide us and protect us.



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