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Daily Miracles

This morning I studied a little in Alma chapter 19. Verses 23, 29, and 36 stood out to me. In this chapter, a king who did not know much about God was shown mercy by God and had the opportunity to gain a personal witness that Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior. That is already a miracle, but there are many more miracles in this chapter. An important part of the King having the opportunity to get to know Jesus was Ammon’s willingness to give his time and effort to the Lord. Ammon wanted to reach out to the king, but the king and his people had contempt for Ammon and had tried many times before to take the lives of Ammon and his people. Some might say that Ammon took a big risk, but before Ammon went, Ammon’s father had prayed unto the Lord to know if he should let his sons go to teach the Lamanites. The Lord promised that if he would let his sons go, He would protect his sons. In verse 23, the Lord fulfills on this promise. It is comforting to know that the Lord will always fulfill on His promises. In verse 29, Abish, the servant of the queen who had faith in Christ, was distraught because her people had their hearts closed to the Savior and were starting to argue. However, the Holy Ghost taught her what she should do, and she had faith that if she touched the queen’s hand, the queen would wake up after just having fallen to the ground. If we make an effort to be receptive of the Holy Ghost, He will guide us in all the situations we find ourselves in. Lastly, I appreciate verse 36 because it has the promise that if we will repent, we will always be able to grab hold of the Lord’s hands that are continually outstretched to us. Yesterday I had a miracle as I went to school. I had missed the bus and only had fifteen minutes to get to class. In my mind came the idea to run towards another bus stop nearby and I followed the impression. As I approached the bus stop, the bus was just arriving and I was able to get on and get to my class on time. The Lord loves us and His miracles are real. We can see His miracles in our lives as we pause to give Him thanks each day.


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