Drops of oil

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Peace in Christ

One of the blessings that come from studying the words of God is peace. This peace is a result of an increased presence of the Spirit of the Lord. Yesterday, one of my friends was having trouble sleeping, so we read the scriptures and prayed together to see if that would help him rest. I hope it did help him rest. Whenever I feel like my thoughts are racing or I feel stuck in indecisiveness, saying a prayer and studying the scriptures helps me find calm and gives me the strength to move forward. This was the case for Anti-Nephi-Lehi. He was at a crossroads because his people were being killed by the Lamanites, but his only source of refuge, the Nephites, also might want to destroy his people. He and his people did not want to fight back against the Lamanites because they had promised God that they would not kill anymore. When Anti-Nephi-Lehi was faced with what to do, he decided to trust in the Lord’s words and the power of prayer to know what to do. He knew that whatever the answer from the Lord was, he could count on it being the right choice. Whenever we are confused about the choices we should make or feel discouraged by the situation we are in, we can find peace in our Savior Jesus Christ, and we can trust that He will show us the way and give us the strength to walk in it.


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