Drops of oil

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The Lord Loves Effort

This morning I studied a little in the First Testament where it recounts the story of how Rebecca meets Isaac, and what stood out to me was the faith that everyone involved had in the Lord Jesus Christ (Jehovah). Abraham had faith to look for a wife for his son that also had faith in God and would support him in keeping the commandments. Abraham’s servant that found Rebecca lived a faithful life and prayed to the Lord with a specific request about how he could know who was a good match for Isaac. When he saw Rebecca he also ran to make sure he could talk to her and followed the promptings of the Holy Ghost about how to talk to her parents. Rebecca had the faith to follow spiritual promptings and be willing to follow Abraham’s servant to meet Isaac. There was faith in the Lord all around and the blessings of the Lord that came out of their faithful efforts blesses us through their example and through their covenants that can be extended to us. As we strive to give our best, the Lord will give us the strength to grow and serve him.



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