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Testaments and Covenants

Today I learned something new about covenants, and for those of you who covenants might be a new word to you, covenants are promises that we can make between God and us. God sets the terms of these covenants and promises blessings as we strive to meet the terms He sets. What I learned in the scriptures today that was so exciting was that another word for covenant is testament! This understanding broadened my appreciation for the scriptures because from the beginning of time the Lord has been making covenants with His people so He can bless them as much as possible and help them become worthy of Eternal Life. The Bible is organized into two main parts, the First (Old) Testament and the New Testament. Now think about these sections of scripture if we renamed them the First Covenant and the New Covenant. The first being the covenants made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, etc., and the new one being the new covenant that was made possible through the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. This slight word adjustment would make The Book of Mormon another Covenant of Jesus Christ. It contains the covenants made with God’s people who lived in the Ancient Americas. A reverse of word adjustment would make the volume containing some more modern scripture the Doctrine and Testaments of Christ. Word swapping is fun! What is so cool, however, is that all of these covenants can apply to us because God continues to make covenants with His people and He loves us! As we strive to follow His Son Jesus Christ, we will find greater peace and one day be able to inherit Eternal Life through the covenants we make and keep with Christ’s help.



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