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Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Today I studied a little bit of the hymn, Let the Holy Spirit Guide, and it talks about how the Holy Ghost helps us. I want to list the words that it uses to describe the Holy Ghost in a few different languages that helped me gain more insights from the hymn.

What the Holy Ghost does:

  1. Sosegar – The Holy Ghost calms us
  2. Inspirar – The Holy Ghost inspires us
  3. Enseñar – The Holy Ghost teaches us
  4. Conducir – The Holy Ghost leads us
  5. Nos ajudará decidir – The Holy Ghost will help us choose
  6. Guiar en santidad – The Holy Ghost guides us in sanctity
  7. Estar conosco – The Holy Ghost will accompany us
  8. Curar nossas almas e corações – The Holy Ghost cures our hearts and souls
  9. Testificar de Jesus – The Holy Ghost testifies of Jesus
  10. Mostrar o Caminho – The Holy Ghost shows us the way
  11. Purificar – The Holy Ghost purifies us
  12. Füren/ Hüten – The Holy Ghost shepherds us
  13. Reinigen – The Holy Ghost cleans us
  14. The Holy Ghost lightens our minds
  15. The Holy Ghost calls us

The Holy Ghost does a lot more every day for us and is anxious to help us follow Jesus Christ and find joy and eternal life. We can trust in Him!





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