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Twelve Dollars an Hour

This past week I had a bit of a rough time with classes and some mistakes, and on Friday, I was feeling down. My schedule coordinator for the department of Mechanical of Engineering, I will call her Sarah, saw me as she was passing through the hall and stopped when she noticed I was distressed. She asked me about my day and where I served my mission and then proceeded to share a story from her life. When she was in college some 40 years ago, she would normally write letters home in order to communicate with family. In those days, telephone plans were not unlimited minutes and cost a lot of money. However, some companies had a policy where if you called at odd hours in the night it would cost less money. Calling after 11:00 PM cost about $12 an hour, which today that would be between $40 and $50. A few years later, she mentioned, prices got better and it was only $10 ($35 in todays equivalent) an hour. Reflecting on her story and the gratitude she felt for the opportunities to connect with her family in those years, I thought about how blessed we are to have such easy access to communication. However, there is a form of communication that always has a signal, has unlimited minutes, has the fastest speeds, and has been around since the time of Adam and Eve. This communication is prayer, and through prayer we can connect with our Heavenly Father and receive answers to our life’s questions. Our Heavenly Father is anxious to bless us and guide us. He is very merciful, and if we humble ourselves before Him, He will lead us along the best paths. I am grateful for Sarah’s kindness and the Lord’s mercy in sending her to comfort me. Our Heavenly Parents love us and want us to succeed!



Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 on Pexels.com

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