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Divine Aid

In the scriptures, God helped groups of people who turned to Him, like the poorer population of the Zoramites, who faced rejection and oppression because of the wrong choices of others in their community. Our Heavenly Parents are actually always looking for ways to help all of us find the path that will lead us back to Them. For the poorer Zoramites, this help came in the form of Alma and Amulek teaching them about Jesus Christ and clearing up the confusion around whether or not we have to be in a specific place or have a certain social status to communicate with God. For Alma, this help came through prayers from his family and a miraculous visitation from an angel of the Lord. We can find many more examples like these in the scriptures, and Alma mentions a few like how the Lord freed His people from Egypt through His servant Moses. Remembering how our Heavenly Parents have helped their children in the past can build our confidence that if we turn to Them today, They will help us. What gives me more confidence is that They are already actively preparing a way for us to navigate the challenges of this life and experience joy. Our Savior Jesus Christ is always ready to lead us, guide us, and show us the way, and we can trust in Him!





Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Pexels.com

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  1. Jefferson Santos da Silva Avatar
    Jefferson Santos da Silva

    I loved it.


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