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All things testify of Him!

This morning I had the opportunity to read a little in Alma chapters 30 & 31. In these chapters, one of my favorite parts is when Alma declares to Korihor that everything testifies of Christ. When I think about these verses, I reflect on the amazing laws of the universe. Consider with me for a moment the complexity of our earth. It spins at an angle and orbits between other planets around the sun in just the right position so that we can have seasons and temperatures that can sustain varieties of flora, animals, and us. Our bodies can grow, heal themselves, develop cognitive abilities, and we can have relationships with one another. A seed that may weigh less than a gram, with the aid of water, sunlight, and minerals/gasses it gains from the ground, can grow into a large tree and produce fruit. Our world and all of its organized intricacies strongly testify of our Creator and His love for us. Better yet, we do not have to rely on these examples alone; we can all pray directly to God and build a personal relationship with Him and feel His presence in our lives. He lives and loves us, and we can find safety as we trust in Him!



Photo by Aleksa Kalajdzic on Pexels.com

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