Drops of oil

Become a little better one drop at a time…

Small and Simple

Today I studied in Alma 37 where a prophet named Alma is talking to his son Helaman about how the Lord moves His work forward. They were talking in specific about the records they were taking care of, and part of those records is what was translated into The Book of Mormon. In their time they had to transport heavy plates made of metal and compile many manuscripts to preserve their records and the scriptures, but in our day we are blessed to be able to have access to the scriptures with the click of a button. Studying the words of God every day helps us to know what the Lord wants from us and learn how to stay in tune with Him. Doable, diligent, daily efforts are also how we can learn to hear and understand the voice of the Spirit. Every time we follow a prompting or idea that comes from the Holy Ghost, the easier it will be to hear Him and follow Him the next time. If we do a little better each day and look for the Lord’s guidance throughout our choices, we will find greater and greater joy.



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