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Contrite Spirit

Having a contrite spirit can mean feeling sincere remorse for our actions that offend God and striving to change and follow Him. As I was searching to learn more about what it means to have a contrite spirit, I ran across a speech written by Ezra Taft Benson and read by Gordon B. Hinkley titled, “Beware of Pride.” One of the points I found most interesting was that the root of pride is enmity towards God, our fellow man, and towards ourselves. This is interesting to me because this description is the exact opposite of the commandment God gives us to love Him, our neighbor, and ourselves. As we strive to be motivated by this love, the Holy Ghost can help us avoid pride and lead us to become our best selves. In the scriptures the Lord promises many blessings to those who had broken hearts and contrite spirits. These links are a few examples, and as we strive to develop these qualities in ourselves, we can also receive these blessings. May we pray to be filled with this love so we can have joy and be free of pride.





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