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Broken Heart

Alma and his sons went on a mission to spread the word of God among the Zoramites who had fallen away from their faith in God. One of Alma’s sons, named Shiblon, suffered many afflictions like being stoned and thrown out of the city during his missionary service. His faithfulness to the Lord in the face of these trials is an example of having a broken heart. Budge L. Todd gave a speech last year on what it means to have a broken heart, and I found his comparison, of broken hearts to how horses become broke, insightful. He explains that like a trainer with his horses, the Lord does not intend to break us. He does, however, hope to teach us to trust in Him so we can enjoy the blessings of having our lives be guided by Him. I also found a story shared by Yoshihiko Kikuchi which is touching and applicable to our lives. In it, he shares an experience from his childhood where his Mom taught him about the Savior’s sacrifice for us, and from this lesson he grew in his faith in Jesus Christ. Today he strives to keep his will aligned with the Savior’s. As we strive to develop a broke heart, we will become more sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and will be able to grow closer to the Savior.

I invite you to go to these links and read the stories that are in them. They are where I gathered my thoughts from and you can gain a lot of good insights from them. Also, if you haven’t looked at the links from previous posts, I invite you to study them also and be enriched by them.




Photo by Tatiana Twinslol on Pexels.com

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