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Come, Follow Me – How the Holy Ghost helped Joseph in Egypt

This week, I was studying with some friends about Joseph’s experience as he translated Pharaoh’s dream and how he avoided temptations, and I reflected on how the Holy Ghost has guided me in the past. Oftentimes, the guidance I receive is through good feelings or remembering important facts that I had heard before at just the right moment. The Holy Ghost helped Joseph understand Pharaoh’s dream and develop a plan to follow the inspiration the Lord was giving to Pharaoh. I learned that the symbols in the dream, like the cows and plants, had meanings related to the Egyptian gods of earth, agriculture, and food. It was noted in some of my readings that Pharaoh’s “wise men” should have been able to come up with something related to Joseph’s interpretation because of how familiar they were with the Egyptian gods. This is another witness of God’s power to reveal the truth to His children who keep His commandments. I imagine Joseph was aware of the Egyptian symbolism, and the Holy Ghost could have confirmed to Him that the Lord was in fact trying to say there would be seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Joseph’s efforts to keep the commandments made him ready to receive the Holy Ghost’s help. As we strive to follow Christ, we can also be guided by the Holy Ghost in our lives. The links below have some speeches and scriptures that go into more depth about what I shared. I hope you enjoy them!




Photo by Roxanne Shewchuk on Pexels.com

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