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The Holy Ghost in Parenting

Yesterday and today I continued studying in the Book of Alma, and I reflected on Alma’s experience as he counseled his sons. One of his sons made serious mistakes during their journey, and Alma wanted to help his son change. He also counseled his other two sons to help them continue being faithful to God in the face of the many challenges they were experiencing. The Holy Ghost was vital to Alma as a father so that he could know the best way to counsel and guide his sons. Alma had to balance taking care of his family, serving in church, and helping his country stay safe during wartime. Having the Holy Ghost to guide him helped him know what to do in each situation and be able to have miracles in each area of his life. We can also receive direction and be protected as we strive to make the Holy Ghost welcome in our hearts and ready ourselves to hear His voice.

Alma’s Counsel for his Son Helaman


Alma’s Counsel for his Son Shiblon



Alma’s Counsel for his Son Corianton



Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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