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The Comforter Part 1: A Constant Light

Tonight I had the opportunity to go for a walk near my apartment and appreciate the sky for a little while. As I admired Provo’s lovely mountain view, my gaze was caught by a bright light above the mountains. The moon was reflecting the Sun’s light very strongly and the sky immediately around it was the color of honey. I thought about the light the Sun gives us during the day and how we continue receiving the Sun’s light at night. We may not always see the light, but it is always there, and the moon helps remind us that the next morning the Sun will be in sight again. I had a lot on my mind while I was sitting outside, but I took a moment to clear my mind, focus on the light being reflected by the moon, and think about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. As I tried to clear my mind and listen, I felt peace and had a renewed desire to move forward and try to do my responsibilities for tonight. Just like the Sun’s constant light, we can have the constant companionship of God’s comforter, as we make and keep covenants with God and make room in our minds and in our hearts for the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost will always lead us on the best paths and help us stay close to our Savior.


This link has a great scripture about the Comforter!

Photo by Just Another Photography Dude on Pexels.com
Photo by Konevi on Pexels.com

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