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The Comforter Part 2: The power to become comforters

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to one of my friends who has been going through hard times, and they shared a recent experience they had. My friend had some worries about school and other things going on in her life and went to talk to an academic counselor. She expected the counselor to judge them, but the Lord prepared the counselor’s heart so when she came for her appointment, the counselor listened and had compassion towards her. This helped my friend have hope and be able to move towards overcoming the challenges she faces. Just like in the case of this counselor, the Holy Ghost can teach us how to comfort those around us. One of the roles of the Holy Ghost is to teach us to become more like the Savior, and like the Savior we can become aware of the needs of those around us and find ways to strengthen and lift. Our Heavenly Parents love all of us, and they have given us gifts and talents to be able to heal and comfort one another!

These links have more scriptures and stories about the Comforter.




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