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Come, Follow Me – The Holy Ghost strengthened Joseph’s heart

This past week I was impressed by the love Joseph had for his brothers. When Joseph received his brothers as they were seeking help to overcome the famine in the land, he cried on multiple occasions. He had already forgiven his brothers in his heart, and when he saw that they had changed their hearts, he rejoiced! Joseph was blessed to be able to recognize God’s hand in his life even though he had to pass through moments where he might have felt alone or forgotten by the Lord. This past weekend I felt God’s hand helping me continue to press forward. I was a bit pensive and worried about things going on in my life, so I decided to walk around the Temple for a while. I paced, sat down, and then paced some more, but I did not feel I had received any answers to the questions on my mind. I did feel peace and cold because it was cold outside. After a while, I decided I should head back home, and when I did I met a nice family from Curitiba, Brasil. The father was named Riva and he gave me a warm greeting and spoke with me for a while. For anyone else, this interaction might have been just a kind informal greeting, but for me, I felt that this was my Heavenly Parent’s way of saying that they knew I existed and that they loved me. I know our Heavenly Parents have a plan for us and that they love us greatly! As we strive to follow them, we will be able to see their hands throughout our lives!

This is the link for the Come, Follow Me lesson I studied from last week:


This speech is great! It gives some great counsel on how we can better recognize the Lord’s hand in our life:

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