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The Third Member of the Godhead

A comforting truth is that we have some amazing beings rooting for our success! Our Heavenly Parents, our Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost work as a united team to help us progress through the challenges of life and become children who feel worthy of living in their presence again. The Holy Ghost plays a special role in testifying of Christ, revealing the truth, and touching the hearts of God’s children. He is a constant aid to us that we can call upon for help to know what choices to make and to discern the truth. As we learn to listen to His voice and recognize His influence, we will also learn to recognize the voice of our Savior and of our Heavenly Parents because they have the same teachings and truths. It is a great blessing that we have access to the Holy Ghost as we strive to listen to His voice and make room for Him in our lives. I have felt the Holy Ghost guiding me when I feel unsure of what choices to make and I ask Heavenly Father what I should do.


This link has a lot of good scripture references about the Holy Ghost:


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