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The Holy Ghost can be our Guide

This morning I read a little in the Book of Alma where Captain Moroni, a military leader in the Book of Mormon, was making preparations to protect his people from people that were attacking them. What stood out to me were two principles: When we treat each other with compassion we can find joy, and when we keep God’s commandments we can find joy. In some of the verses it talks about battles that occurred, and when Moroni’s forces were victorious it says they defeated many people, but that those who laid down their weapons and made a covenant of peace were allowed to part in peace. Moroni and many of his troops were honoring God’s second commandment to love their neighbors, which included their enemies. Also, many of the people Moroni was protecting were also striving to keep God’s commandments, and because of this they were given strength by the Lord to be able to defend themselves. They were also blessed with peace because they were doing their best to be right with God. As we treat each other with compassion and strive to keep God’s commandments, we will find safety, strength and peace each day. The Holy Ghost will guide us if we are seeking to hear His voice. He will always motivate us to follow Jesus Christ and keep His commandments!

These are two great links with scriptures:



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