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As if with the Strength of God

Today in my studies I read about some of my favorite people, the people of Ammon. This may be a new name for you, and this is because this group of people is mentioned in the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, and we can gain many insights from them just like we can gain insights from the Israelites and Samaritans in the New and First Testaments. The people of Ammon had made a covenant or promise with God to lay down their weapons of war and never kill again. Before this point, they engaged in many battles, pillaged, and murdered. However, through the grace of Jesus, they changed and became some of the most stalwart followers of Christ. When war came to the area they were living in, they considered breaking their covenant to defend themselves, but instead, their sons who had not made the covenant fought in the place of their fathers. These sons had faith in Jesus Christ and had no desire to fight except to protect their families and liberties. They had never fought before actually, but they were protected in battle because they were doing all they could to keep God’s commandments. In our lives, we will experience times of opposition and unwanted contention, but as we champion the cause of peace and freedom and keep the commandments of God, we will also have access to God’s strength and be able to overcome the challenges that come our way.


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