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Prayer: A Connection to God’s Strength

Yesterday, I was blessed to study some more in Alma and continue to learn from the faith of Helaman and his sons. In Alma 59, Helaman and his sons were greatly outnumbered in battle and were not receiving enough reinforcements or supplies to survive. In the midst of this confusion and hardship, Helaman and his sons turned to the Lord in prayer. Their trust in the Lord and their willingness to strive to be obedient to His commandments helped them be changed by the Holy Ghost, and they were able to not get angry with the people that were supposed to send them aid. They were also able to feel peace and were able to overcome their hardship and be delivered by the Lord. Today I had a semi-hectic morning, and after I took some time to pray I felt confident the Lord would help me be successful throughout my day, and He did! My dad helped me see my successes when he asked me, “What good did you do today ?” With the Lords help, I was able to do a lot of good today! When we feel our energy or hope is outnumbered by our hardships or deadlines, we can turn to the Lord and He will give us His strength and guidance according to His will to help us make it through our challenges!

Here are some Great Songs and Scriptures to Enjoy!


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