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Strengthening our Faith in Jesus Christ this Easter

This morning I had a great opportunity to study some scriptures about the last week of the Savior’s mortal ministry leading up to the days that He would perform the great and final sacrifice for all of us. Recently in General Conference, it was shared that we should expect miracles from our Heavenly Father and put our trust in Him. Our challenges may seem overwhelming at times, but we can draw courage from the fact that our Heavenly Father can do all things for our good. His Son, our Savior, created the Heavens and the Earth and beyond that He also overcame death and hell. As we learn more about our Savior and strive to follow Him, we too will overcome death and hell and all other challenges and trials that come our way. We will also have opportunities to help others overcome their challenges, and the Lord will serve through us and change us in the process. Here are some links and videos with study ideas for this week that can help you focus your thoughts on the Savior:







Mary Magdalene – A Chosen Witness


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