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Our Testimonies of Faith can Strengthen the Faith of Others

Today in my studies, I happened upon a great study resource for this Passover Day! I was touched by the following quotes from apostles and prophets of the Savior Jesus Christ. I hope they can inspire and strengthen you as well! In school I am wrapping up the semester right now, and as I have reflected a little on the months and weeks leading up to this moment, I know that I would not have made it to this point if it were not for the Lord’s help. He has aided me through my family, friends, kind professors, set-backs, and challenges. Notwithstanding my mistakes and blunders, He has helped me repent and strive to move on. I know as we trust in our Savior, we can change and become clean and full of light, and this will bring us joy! Turn to the Lord so He can strengthen you, whether that be help in prepping for finals or overcoming trials and grief. You can always count on Him!

“It is never too late to strengthen the
foundation of faith. There is always time.
With faith in the Savior, you can repent
and plead for forgiveness. There is someone
you can forgive. There is someone you can
thank. There is someone you can serve and
lift. You can do it wherever you are and
however alone and deserted you may feel.”
(“Mountains to Climb,” April 2012 general conference)

“What should you be looking for in your
own life? What are God’s miracles that
remind you that He is close, saying, ‘I am
right here’? Think of those times, some
daily, when the Lord has acted in your
life—and then acted again. Treasure them
as moments the Lord has shown confidence
in you and in your choices. But allow
Him to make more of you than you can
make of yourself on your own. Treasure
His involvement. Sometimes we consider
changes in our plans as missteps on our
journey. Think of them more as first steps to
being ‘on the Lord’s errand.’”
(“By Divine Design,” October 2017 general conference)

“Perhaps as much as praying for mercy,
we should pray for time and opportunity
to work and strive and overcome. Surely
the Lord smiles upon one who desires to
come to judgment worthily, who resolutely
labors day by day to replace weakness with
strength. Real repentance, real change
may require repeated attempts, but there
is something refining and holy in such
striving. Divine forgiveness and healing
flow quite naturally to such a soul, for
indeed ‘virtue loveth virtue; light cleaveth
unto light; [and] mercy hath compassion
on mercy and claimeth her own’ (Doctrine and
Covenants 88:40).”
(“The Divine Gift of Repentance,” October 2011 general conference)

“God knows and loves you. He will bless
you and guide your steps. You might be
thinking that you are no one special, that
you are not all-star material. But that is
not true. Don’t you know that God has
proclaimed, ‘The weak things of the world
shall come forth and break down the
mighty and strong ones’ (Doctrine and Covenants
1:19)? So, do you feel weak? insignificant?
Congratulations, you just made the lineup!
Do you feel unimportant? inferior? You
may be just who God needs.”
(“Your Priesthood Playbook,” April 2019 general conference)

This is the link for the Easter booklet where I found these great quotes in:


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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