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Help from the Holy Ghost

Today was a lovely Sunday and I enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate Mother’s day with my family at church this morning. I am grateful for my mom and the good example she gives me and the love she has for me.

On another note, I have had some recent experiences with the Holy Ghost that have strengthened my testimony in the Lord. Yesterday, I was doing some work for my dad which involved getting a door unlocked at a house. Once the door was unlocked, I was asked to wait for one of my dad’s workers to come to put a new lock on the door. While I was waiting, I felt like I should not go into the house, and I sang some hymns instead and admired a pattern on a cloth that was hanging outside. I am glad I followed the prompting to not go into the house because not too long later came three people who started to interrogate me because they thought I had broken into the house. I overcame my initial stupor of shock and then did my best to explain why I was there. Once the three people understood that I was not a thief, the conversation became more calm. Thinking back I feel like I could have gotten upset at the Lord for allowing me to have that experience, but I want to be like Nephi who although he passed through the same wilderness as his brothers, he was able to see through his adversity and see the Lord’s hand protecting and prospering Him. I was truly kept safe as I was interrogated, and the experience will probably help me in the future.

When we are going through hard times or feel we have received the shorter stick, we can remember our Savior Jesus Christ and that He loves us. The Lord is always present in our challenges and will help us in our times of need.

This cloth I saw reminded me of the prayer shawls Rabbis use and of the covenants the Israelites made to follow the Lord.
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
I also enjoyed reading this talk recently!

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