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Cutting Grass with my Mom

Today was a lovely Texas spring day with temperatures in the low 90’s. In the evening once the sun was getting ready for bed, my mom and I had the pleasure of cutting the grass together. I was dressed with my blue jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers, and I thought I was ready to go outside, but my mom was quick to remind me that I was missing a few things to help protect myself while outside. She found me a pair of gloves, a long-sleeve shirt to go over my t-shirt, a mask, and a pair of boots. “Ahora estás listo,” she said. She was right right, each article of clothing helped protect me. The boots helped keep me safe from ants, the mask kept me from breathing in the allergens from the grass, the gloves protected my hands, and the long sleeved shirt kept me safe from flying rocks. Every day, we also need to arm ourselves with the Lord’s protective gear, His armor. Everything the Lord teaches us to do is for our good and will protect us from the dangers in today’s world. If we repent and turn to the Lord, He will help us become prepared for every challenge we face.

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