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The Quest for Gratitude

These past few weeks I have been in Texas visiting my family and it has been a blessing! Today, however, being that I have less than a week here left, I felt like lamenting that I have not done all that I could with my family or all that I could in Texas, or used my time in the best way possible. If I think that way however, I will fail to see the Lord’s hand. These weeks have been filled with great blessings and miracles that I could not have imagined or planned for myself, and even when I get distracted playing video games sometimes, the Lord has still given me the opportunity to serve Him and repent when I mess up. I have been able to visit a lot of my family, help my mom and dad, make new friends (some thousands of miles away), and even testify of the Savior to some of my cousins. It has been amazing and each day is a new witness of our Heavenly Father’s love! The days aren’t perfect of course, but I am glad I have been able to experience them here in Texas!

My mom made one of my favorite meals – Migas!
My dad holding the baby of a new friend I made this past week! 🥹 Super Cute!

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