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Adventures in Germany – Day 1

Hello everyone, I am currently in the Seattle Airport waiting for my flight to Frankfurt Germany! It has been an exciting journey so far and the Lord has blessed me immensely already! To start off, these are the miracles I have experienced so far:

  1. My mom and I finished packing my bags at 4:00 this morning.
  2. I arrived at the airport in Austin at 9:00 am to board my plane at 9:40. We arrived five minutes before the deadline to check in my bag and after offering a prayer and having waited 20 minutes in line to get my carry-on items checked, an airport worker guided me and a group of others to an alternate line and we go checked in less than 10 minutes. Right as I was putting on my shoes after having gone through the x-ray machine, I heard my name called on the intercom saying this was the last call for my flight to Seattle. I was at gate 17 and I had to get to gate 1, so I quickly weaved through crowds of people going to-and-fro and I made it to my terminal just in time!
    • Note: My mom and aunt showed a lot of faith also by staying with me until I safely made it through the checkpoint.
  3. My seatmates on my plane ride were very kind. One of them was from India (I thought he said his name was Dave, but his last name was Dev and he went by his last name) and he shared pictures with me from his recent travels to other countries and of food he cooks. The other was from the US, and he shared about how he takes apart oil rigs and puts them back together in about three weeks with a huge crew. They were very cordial and kind.
Laska Noodles – It felt fitting to try some Indian food after meeting Dev on the plane ✈️! The noodles had mint, cilantro, green onions, chicken, lime, and bean sprouts! It was soooo good!
  1. I was able to get my final ticket to Germany and I had no trouble at all to get it. The ladies at the check in desk were from Korea and were very kind!
Here we come Germany

God continues to be a God of Miracles and I am grateful that he is so merciful towards us! Well, I’m about to board so signing off for the next 12 hours 🙂

Seattle Airport

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