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Adventures in Germany – Day 2 (The thrill of Adventure)

I have officially arrived in Germany and the day has lived up to being called an adventure indeed. I will include many pictures to share about my adventures today. One of the miracles I saw in my day today was my friend from Church who invited me to Germany was able to find me at the airport and I arrived safely to the village of Klotten. Pro tip when driving in Germany, drive a small car because the two-way streets are built the size of one way streets, but surprisingly they can manage to fit two small cards side by side. I couldn’t stop myself from imagining what it would be like if someone from Texas came to Germany driving a Ford F-150, that would be a scary drive. Another miracle was the seat neighbor I had on the plane. She was a kind woman named Ieva, which she told me was inspired by a bird cherry tree that is very beautiful. She was kind enough to wake me up whenever the flight attendants were bringing snacks to hand out and I had the opportunity of helping her open up the tightly sealed packages we received some of our airplane food in. She was also patient enough to try to understand my German as I tried practicing with her.

Photo by mi ko on Pexels.com
*This is a picture of a bird in a cherry tree, not the actual cherry tree.
Airplane Dinner

The last miracle I want to mention is the kindness of a lady named Mirela. I know what you’re thinking, Mirela doesn’t sound like a German name, well you’re right, she was from Italy. So the way I met her was I was trying to get to the ruins of a castle I saw on the drive in and I was not sure how to get there. I saw Mirela and another person with her on the roof of a house and asked them in my best German how to get to die Burg (the Castle), but I actually think I said how do you get to der Berg (the Mountain) which left them both a little confused. Then Mirela asked me what other languages I knew how to speak and I told her I also knew how to speak Spanish, so we started a conversation that was a mixture of Spanish, Italien, and German until they finally understood that I wanted to get to the castle. Then to my surprise Mirela offered to take me to the path I needed to take to see the castle. She was very kind and I knew that she was a blessing from the Lord. The castle was cool and I also saw a lot of beautiful views along the way.

Mirela and I
The Castle
A little closer
About the Castle
Mosel River
Hogwarts in Germany…kind of right 😅
Slytherin house is an Iguana here instead of a snake
Hermione Granger‘s Doppelgänger
The lamp post from Narnia

I am grateful for the variety of languages we all speak and the opportunities we have to connect with each other through languages. No matter what the language we speak is however, we can all serve and love the people around us just like Mirela did for me!

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