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Adventures in Germany – Day 4 (Train Ride to Koblenz)

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day today! Today I had the opportunity to go with my friends Michael and Hayden to visit Koblenz and explore a little of the city. We had a wonderful 45 minute train ride along the Mosel river that took us into Koblenz and visited different shops in the area. It was a wonderful day and I enjoyed seeing people from different regions speaking many different languages! Here are some pictures from the adventure today:

Train stop in Klotten
Shout out to Kimberly
Undercover abandoned shop entrance to get to Hogwarts‘ train station 🚉
Mosel River in Koblenz
Exploring the streets
Cool Palace in the background
Beautiful flowers

Today in my scripture study I read a little in 3 Nephi 27 where the Savior is visiting the Nephites. While He was there serving them, the apostles he called there asked Him what the name of His church should be because some of the people were arguing over different name choices. After reading the Savior’s response you might think well shouldn’t it have been obvious that the Lord’s church should be called by His name, but a cool truth from these verses is that for our Heavenly Father there are no dumb questions and He is willing to answer all of our questions if we turn to Him. Even when we mess up or enter into arguments, we can repent and turn to Him again thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ. We can trust in Him!

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