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Adventures in Germany – Days 5 & 6 (Visiting the Roman Empire)

Hello true believers (Did anyone get that Stan Lee reference?)! I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday! Today and yesterday have been been delightful days in Germany and I enjoyed living them with the Geary’s and new friends I’ve made along the way. On Friday I had the opportunity of chatting with one of my new friends named Heide and yesterday I had the opportunity to celebrate her daughter’s birthday alongside the Geary’s and Heide’s friends and family. I appreciate the patience they have with my German and the moments I have practiced my German have been comical experiences! Today at the birthday party they were passing some Bar-B-Q around the table and one of the meats was called Käsebratwurst, however one of Heide’s daughters, Anita, was offering some to her niece Melinda and said, “Melinschen would you like some Käsebratwurst.” I only heard the word Melinschen (which is just a cute way of saying Melinda), so I asked if Melinschen was the name of the Bratwurst. That earned me quite a few chuckles, but making mistakes is part of what makes learning languages so fun! Heide’s family is lovely!

This is some of the stone work at Heide‘s house. Her late husband was a stone setter and he was extremely talented! From the stories they shared he sounds like he was a wonderful man!

Onto the Roman Empire…dun dun dun! We also visited Trier yesterday which is the oldest city in Germany and it was established during the Roman Empire times, so there are structures still standing that existed from when the Roman’s ruled in that part of the country. Brother Geary taught me how to distinguish the Roman brickwork from the newer bricks. The Romans would produce thin bricks and in some of the buildings you can see parts that have thin brick son the bottom and then langer ones on top that could have been from repairs made or newer construction.

All thin bricks 🧱
Thin bricks mixed with larger ones

I also got to drink Roman water (well at least it was from a fountain in the city of Trier) which was cool. The architecture was stunning in the area and it was super beautiful.

Authentic Roman Water 💧

I also got to try gelato (Pistachio + Hazelnut) and a Diavolo mini pizza!

Another day I will come back to visit because there was not enough time to see everything!

In my scripture study these past few days I read a little in the Book of Mormon and the Book of Acts! In the Book of Mormon, Mormon was testifying of the mercy and justice of God. There were a few particular verses that struck me as he was lamenting the Nephites’ choices to rebel against God and how they could not receive God’s mercy because they did not want it. I know I have made many mistakes in my life, but I am comforted in the knowledge that if I have the desire to follow Christ and strive to repent, I can be made whole through the redeeming power of the Savior!

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