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Adventures in Germany – Days 8 & 9 (Klotti)

Tuesday I had the amazing opportunity to enjoy time with my friend Hayden at a zoo/ amusement park in Klotti! It is a wonderful place and I enjoyed seeing baby javelinas, deer, and praying bears (yep you heard me right)! We got to feed some of the animals corn and we fed the bears a little dog-treat-like snack. There were also a bunch of self-operated rides which is the first time I had seen something like them. They were pretty ingenious and super fun! One of my favorites was the Nautic Jet and we rode it many times. We rode almost every ride available and even jumped on a huge bubble they had that was probably meant for smaller kids. German engineered rides are thrilling and well made!

Kind of looks like the beaver from Buc-ee’s
This was the coolest bear 🐻
Praying for a Snack
Javelina Stampede
Feeding them some corn
Baby Piggies 🐷 ❤️

Monday was also a pleasant day. I had the opportunity to help prepare for some guests that were arriving at the Ferienwohnung that day. A funny story, while the guests were arriving we greeted each of them and we also greeted a man that was passing at the exact same time. Because the man was the same age as the guests, I assumed he was also one of the guests. He had a dog with him, so I put out a water bowl for the dog and then we helped the guests bring their things into the room they where they were staying. After some time had passed we asked where their friend with the dog was and they told us there was no dog! Then we realized we had greeted a stranger that was walking by and then it made sense why he looked a little confused when we greeted him 😂.

My friend Hayden and I!

In my scripture study recently I have read some of Paul’s words to the Romans and their frankness has been refreshing. Paul was teaching, through his letter, about how faith in Jesus Christ gives us access to His grace, and that for that grace to have an effect in us, we need to strive for righteousness, or in other words, we need to strive to keep God’s commandments. He asks a really good question I thought in verse 1 of chapter 6, “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?” I think this verse is so cool and funny almost, because the answer is no of course. Our Savior Jesus Christ gave His life for us so that we could become better than the mistakes we make and grow to become like Him and learn to love like Him! He was one person, yet He made all the difference for every single one of us. We can also make a difference as we shine His light to the people around us and strive to follow Him!

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