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Adventures in Germany – Days 10 & 11 (Rainy Days)

Hello everyone, I hope your day has been amazing so far! These past two days have pretty calm here in Germany and that has been nice. I have had more opportunities to get to know my friend Heide and work alongside her! Today I learned that her hobbies are reading and cooking! She enjoys non-fiction and novels about fate which sounds like a pretty cool genre! One of these days we are going to cook with Heide, so I’m pretty excited for that. We will be cooking Roulade which is a dish that is rolled meat with different vegies inside and it sounds pretty amazing! Here are some pictures of outside during the rain and one of the last pictures is of the sky at 10:12 PM here. One of the cool things here is that the sun comes up early and sets late.

This is a cool water works building I saw from the early 1900’s.
This is where I admired some of the rain. Heide’s husband did the stonework in the back there!
It doesn’t even look that dark outside at 10:12!
This was what I made for lunch along with this next amazing food…
Bauernkruste! Can you believe that a bread this delicious could be this affordable 😋! This is one thing that I have loved about Germany, fresh high quality bread!

Today and yesterday in my scripture study I studied some more in Romans and in some of the last chapters of the Book of Mormon. I was impressed by the humility of Paul and the brother of Jared as they testified of Christ or strived to follow Him in faith. I was also listening to a channel called Don’t Miss This, where two great speakers go over the scriptures for Come, Follow Me (A scripture study plan in my church for each year – this year we have been studying the Old Testament), and I enjoyed the thought of thinking about who our king is currently and who we want our king to be. They were going over the passages in Samuel where the people of Israel wanted to become like the nations around them and wanted a king from amongst themselves instead of having the Lord to be their king. I will be thinking about what I can do to make the Lord my king.

Other than that, here are some scriptures in Romans that resonate with truths shared in the Book of Mormon:

  1. Hope – Trusting in God’s promises that are to come
  2. Charity – How to love as Christ loves

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