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Adventures in Germany- Day 20 (Enter the Spider-verse)

*WARNING – The following content is not meant for people with arachnophobia or any other spider related phobias! Viewer discretion is advised!*

You may be wondering about the title of today’s post, well it all started with an evening run I had. The past few runs I have gone to the left to where the swans hang out, and it is a beautiful path with trees and the train tracks across the way. Today, however, I thought I would mix things up a little bit and turn to the right to explore more of Klotten. As I started my run I passed a few kids who seeing my shirt greeted me with “Hallo Spider-Man!” That was really cute, but now I think they were warning me about what was going to happen next… About seven minutes into my run, I started to notice more and more cobwebs on the side rails that were between myself and the river. I thought that was pretty smart of the spiders since there were so many gnats that were flying along the path and into my face. This was like the spider equivalent of going out to get a meal at a drive through! When I went to take a closer look at the cobwebs, I immediately regretted my decision.

It was at about that moment that I was going to turn back to head to the apartment, but then I started to see the spiders. There must have been hundreds of them, maybe even thousands, and they weren’t just on the side rails, they were also on the other rails that protected the bikers from the cars.

I was completely surrounded and every gnat that hit me after that point felt like a spider jumping on me! I ran back in the middle of the biking path and just hoped no bikes would come so I could stay as far from the sides as possible! Lucky for me though, the Green Goblin showed up to create a distraction for my getaway!

On the bright side I did have a delicious dinner today of lentils with rice and the Geary’s came back today! I’m excited to go to church with them tomorrow!

In my scripture study I had the opportunity to read some of the words of Isaiah as quoted by Jacob in the Book of Mormon, and one of my favorite parts was where it describes who the Savior would be and how the knowledge of the Savior’s future birth brought so much hope and strength that if the Jews in Isaiah’s time would have faith in the Savior they could overcome the armies that were trying to take them over! We can also find strength in Jesus Christ, in who He is, and in the love He has for each of us!

I heard this song recently and it is really great, you should hear it!

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