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Third Sunday on the Mosel

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! Today has been a wonderful Lord’s day and I have enjoyed learning about Jesus Christ in the German language! He is the Savior of all nations and that is amazing! Sister Geary and I had the opportunity of riding the train and bus to church and it was a nice time to meditate and prepare for the sacrament. We read a chapter of the Book of Mormon along the way in Third Nephi chapter 5 where the people living in the America’s at the time had seen the signs of the Savior’s birth and had accepted to follow Him and believe in His promises. Because they believed, they started to change and began repenting of their past mistakes and strived for all the perfection they could attain. They strived to be disciples of Jesus Christ and reading the chapter reminded me of my potential to repent and change because of our Savior. If I will turn to Him, I can be strengthened and healed from my infirmities. He is the way and if we will accept His call to follow Him, we can find true joy and fulfillment in this life and have a hope for eternal joy in the life to come!

Today at church I saw my friends Carla and Giovanna from Peru again which was nice, and I also met a lot of other cool members in the branch! I felt very welcome and this upcoming Saturday I am going to go on a hike/ BBQ/ emergency preparedness activity at church which sounds epic! I hope you have a wonderful day today and seek for who’s day you might be able to brighten today!

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