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Adventures in Germany – Days 24 & 25 ( 32,319 steps)

You might be wondering what is so special about 32,000 steps, what is even more interesting is that about 23,000 of them happened this morning.

These past two days have been full of adventures here in Germany. On Wednesday I stayed home for a greater part of the day, but it was good and I had the opportunity of running to Cochem, drawing with a friend of mine, and connecting with some friends online.

This morning I thought I would repeat my run with the slight addition that I would go to the grocery store also and then walk back home.

Cochem is a little over a mile and a half away and getting to the grocery store after that makes the path a solid two miles. On my way out of the grocery store, I remembered my friend Brother Geary had mentioned that there was a nature path that I could take back home that would lead to a ferry to take me across back to Klotten. It was about another mile to where the ferry was, but what I had failed to check was what days the ferry was operating and it turns out that the ferry didn’t run on Thursdays. Well that wasn’t a problem I thought, I would just keep walking until I got to a city with a bridge that crossed and I figured one would appear soon.

I saw Valwigerberg and I thought that was a nearby city that might have a bridge. It turns out it was a path to a mountain.

However, I just kept walking and walking until I made it to Treis and was able to cross over to the train station in Karden. It was a long journey, but I did see some cool nature along the way.

Me realizing that home was just across the river and that I couldn’t walk on water.
Starting the Umweg
This spot reminded me of videos about the First Vision
Meeting a super snail 🐌
Also a kind of gross slug…
The trail goes on
and on
I found a cool mini waterfall
This spot was cool because the water reflected the image of the trees in the water.

After walking for a while I thought I had finally found the bridge but it ended up only being a bridge to an island and it couldn’t get me all the way across. The island did have some cool lily pads though.

I also found these cool flowers 🌸
Then after asking for directions some more, I found the way to get onto the bridge to cross!
I made it to the train station!
On the way to Klotten!
Back in Klotten!
At the store I found these cool berries that are really tart!

When I got home I felt grateful that I had gotten back home safe and I was also exhausted! It was a blessing though to be able to find my way although it was a bit of a long trip. That was definitely the furthest I have traveled on foot to buy groceries!

In my scripture study I have been studying in 2 Nephi and I enjoy the warnings the Lord gives us so that we can not be deceived in the latter days. Recently I have been reminded that the simple truths of the Lord, if we trust in them, are enough to guide us through this life. We can turn to the Lord for guidance and He will give it to us, and although we may not understand all things, if we trust in the Lord, we will not be led astray because He loves us.

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