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Fourth Sunday on the Mosel

Today was a day full of miracles, it was my first time trying to get to church on my own here in Germany, and at first I was a little worried about making the trek alone, but the Lord prepared the way so that everything worked out. I left the apartment early in the morning and caught an earlier train because I wanted to make sure I got to church on time. The trip was calm and I arrived at church with more than an hour to spare. This gave me some time to walk around and enjoy the day a bit, and I even ran into a man who was working cleaning up the parking lots that were in the area. The service was strengthening and I also enjoyed the opportunity to sing hymns in English and German with Arvin who had come to the hike activity yesterday. He and I listened as best as we could to understand the messages shared and it felt really good to hear about Jesus Christ in German! After church I rode home with Arvin for the first leg of the journey back, and then he got off at a stop that was near his home.

The Elders, Arvin, Eddie, and I

Then on the second leg of my journey, I had a cool experience. I really wanted to speak to someone on the train, but it still feels a little intimidating trying to start a conversation with strangers in German. When I got on the train, I sat next to the window with a seat empty beside me in the hopes that someone would sit next to me. Then a lady did sit next to me! I started talking about the train being crowded and then apologized about my German not being too advanced. I then found out that she was also relatively new to German and we had a good conversation together. Her name is Sudaba and she is from Turkey, and I hope I meet her again! After that great experience I went back home and got to speak to some friends over the phone to end the evening.

A cool contraption for construction workers to safely send down materials into bins!

Recently in my scripture study I started reading the Book of Mormon again and I thought about what I wanted to learn in the scriptures. I thought about how the scriptures are the words of Christ and about how at the base of the life experiences shared by the people in the scriptures is their journey to follow Christ and get to know Him. They knew who He was and anxiously awaited his coming and some of them even had the privilege of seeing the Savior in person. I felt like I need to refocus on learning about Christ and try to become more like Him. I know that He is our Savior and that through Him we can become clean and whole!

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