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Adventures in Germany – Days 53 bis 55 (The case of the Leaky Faucet)

A leaky hose!

These past few days have been pretty calm in Klotten. They were mainly filled with just a little bit of cleaning and working, but Saturday was much more exciting. It was check outs day and I said goodbye to my favorite family from Holland! Before they left however, they discovered that one of the faucets was leaking underneath and let Heide and I know. Heide told me the best place to look for repair parts would be in Treis Kardens, so I decided to go to see what I could do.

On the train heading to Treis Kardens.

The journey was smooth sailing until I realized how far the store was from the station and that I was wearing sandals instead of shoes, but everything worked out!

A cool mini bridge.
The appliance store!

I had actually walked past this store before on the day I had walked 10 miles to Treis Kardens when I was trying to find a bridge to cross the river! The workers were kind enough to patiently answer my questions and they helped me find the parts I needed. On the way back I found a cool mural and enjoyed the scenery.

This reminded me of the magic school bus ๐ŸšŒ!
The view on a street in Treis Kardens

The grapes that grow everywhere here are getting closer to becoming ripe!

Once back home I put my technical skills to the test. It was kind of funny when I was talking to my favorite family from Holland before they left because Ester told Heide that I was a technician and then Heide started telling that to other people that live on my street! With the Lordโ€˜s help, however, I was able to replace the faucet and so far there are no leaks!

I was finally able to get the old faucet out of the place it was secured under the sink! All the hoses sprawled out kind of reminded me of Dr. Octopus ๐Ÿ™ from Spider-Man!
Mission Accomplished!

It felt great to be able to fix something and see it working at the end! When we feel broken or something is not working out in our life, we can turn to the master healer and master technician, who is Jesus Christ. He rejoices in helping us and He knows what we need to find lasting joy and peace in this life and in the next!

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