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Eighth Sunday on the Mosel

Hello everyone! This past Sunday was very special and I had the opportunity to visit some friends from the branch that are from Peru 🇵🇪!

On the way to church I missed the train I usually take by one minute so I knew I would be a little late to church, but then I dozed off while on the bus and I missed my stop. The good thing was that I woke up only a few moments after we had passed the bus stop so I was able to get off at the next stop and run back. It seemed like this morning was not going that great, but things got better when I got to church. I arrived about halfway through the first meeting, but I was still able to help translate the meeting and the next one into Spanish for my friend Karla’s parents who were visiting from Peru! We learned about the Holy Ghost at church and how He can guide us to every good thing if we will strive to listen to his voice.

After church I went with Jorge and Giovanna to Olaf and Karla’s house, and there we were treated to a 5 star Peruvian meal 🥘!

This is a special sauce that is made with orange peppers and saltine crackers among other ingredients and it was super delicious 😋!
This is a traditional drink made from the purple corn that grows in Peru along with some other spices. It felt like I was drinking Christmas 🎄!
Professional Plating 👩‍🍳!
My generous portion!
Left to Right: Jorge, Karla‘s daughter (next to the step stool), Giovanna, Karla, me, Olaf, Karla‘s mom and dad.
The batter for Peruvian Donuts 🍩! It has sweet potato 🍠 in it!
Amazing 🤩!

We had a wonderful time eating, laughing, and talking together! It is amazing how the world can be large but small at the same time and how in Germany I have had the opportunity to experience some culture from Peru. It is also amazing that the Lord can connect us to loving people and that we can feel His love for us through others!

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