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Adventures in Germany – Day 61 (A Lasagna Day)

Today was an amazing day, I left my apartment early to get a haircut because it had been a while since I had cut my hair. My friend Arvin had recommended a place called Happy Hair, and they lived up to their name because I was very happy with my hair afterwards. However on the way to Happy Hair, I ended up passing the spot because my GPS had set the endpoint at another location. I was kind of confused when I started walking into the countryside. Arvin had said the place was kind of away from the city, and I thought to myself they must be very good at what they do if they are in a remote location and still have frequent customers. I realized my phone had been confused when I ended up in front of a couple of houses. The view along the way, however, was worth the detour and I enjoyed seeing the beautiful fields!

Calm fields 🌾
Some flowers from in front of the houses!
There were also some Apple 🍎 🍏 Trees!

I made it to Happy Hair a little before they opened because I hoped I could get scheduled in without an appointment.

There was a church with a cool doorπŸšͺ in front of the πŸ’ˆ barber shop!
Speak friend and enter!

The kind barber put me in the schedule and thirty minutes later he was cutting my hair. He did a professional job and I was pleasantly surprised by how quick he was!

Next I went to Arvin’s house! It wasn’t too hard to find with a GPS, but without a GPS I would have definitely been lost because the street numbers increased up and down the street.

It was very nice to visit Arvin, we watched a movie and played some games, but the best part was making lasagna. It started off pretty good, we had the pasta cooking and the filling on the stove, but then disaster struck. While I was stirring the cream, it overflowed and went everywhere!

Then the pasta decided it couldn’t live apart from it’s other pasta friends and chose to stick together!

But Arvin made it work, he channeled all of his tetris and engineering skills to weave the pasta pieces into complete layers!

The end result was a masterpiece of flavor! We didn’t even have to add flour to the cream to thicken it, it was that good! To make it even fancier, Arvin garnished it with some truffles and then we sat down to experience the magic!

Ta Da!
A yogurt drink that Arvin introduced me to!

It was a great Friday and it felt nice to spend time at a friend’s house! I even met Arvin’s dad who was very nice!

In my scripture study recently I have been reading in Alma and I was touched by Alma’s words that reminded me of John the Baptist when he was preparing the people for the coming of Jesus Christ. I want to follow Alma’s words, and I feel that everyone who is trying to be like Jesus would also want to follow Alma’s words. Sometimes I feel like I get caught in a cycle of stumbling over the commandments, for example, I stay up late working on assignments and then I pass out from exhaustion without having prayed and then I think , “Why did I do that?”, but then I do it again. It seems kind of silly, and today as I was praying and feeling frustrated with my choices, the thought came to just repent and move on, so I did! We have a loving Heavenly Father, and I am grateful we can have the power to move on through His son Jesus Christ. Our Savior is coming again and we are blessed with this time to prepare for His coming.

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